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Bulk henna powder, 100 grams

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1 unit
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999 units
100 grams of bulk henna powder for tattooing and hair color. This henna is finely sieved, high quality, and has great, rich color. It is 100% natural.

Remember to allow the henna to stand at least two hours before use for proper texture and color. We at Violet and Company like to apply using rolled parchment paper, fashioned into a cone shape. We also mix the Henna with cranberry juice for richer color.

The 100 grams of henna are enough for several applications of the stencil and many designs using the cone. Don't put too much henna paste into the bag with the stencil (fill it maybe 1/3 full, and if the bag is used, please make the henna thinner than you would for application to hair or using the stencil). Filling the bag too full or with paste that is too thick will result in the bag bursting from pressure.

Ingredients: Henna