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Carved Charcoal Burner with Brass Screen 2.5 inches

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Beautiful 2.5 inches diameter, carved charcoal burner with brass screen. Intricate black and brass carving decorates this burner. It comes with a wooden tray that sits under it to protect surfaces from any heat. Please use with rocks, pebbles, sand or salt when burning materials inside to insulate the burner while in use with charcoal tabs. Great for resins and woods as well as powders. The screen is fully removable. It is the perfect size for most altars.

This burner could also be used to burn sage and sweetgrass or hold your smudge between uses. Place a layer of sand in the burner if it is used for this purpose, to absorb the ash from the smudge.

Use in a well-ventilated area, keep out of reach of children. Do not leave unattended. Do not use near fabrics, paper or other combustible materials.