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Dakini Me Tok Ma The Flower Godess Incense

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Dakini Me-Tok-Ma Incense from Siddharth Incenses. 30 Incense sticks per pack. Sticks approximately 7 inches long. According to Siddharth Incenses: "Me-Tok-Ma, the Flower Goddess, is the Dakini who offers flowers to the Gods multiplying her form and filling the entire sky. The offerings become an ocean of offerings. In this incense, the fragrance of Kesar (Saffron), Tsampaka (White Champak-a sort of magnolia) and Pangpoey, apart from the numerous other prescribed herbs, give out the fragrance of the most precious flowers. It has been made based on the Men Ngak formula according to the Tibetan tradition. The entire processing right from the selection of the herbs to the packing is done in the same way the lamas used to for Choed-Pa, or offering to the Gods. This incense is a tribute to Me-Tok-Ma. We pray that your purchase and use of this incnse will be beneficial to all beings.~Siddharth Incenses.

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