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Henna Kit Professional

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Professional Henna Natural Color Kit. This kit contains: 50g Natural Henna, 4 ml. Henna oil (vegetable oil), Henna Stencils, 1 Application Cone and design paper.

The color imparted from this henna is dark and even. This henna is as fine as any we have used. For best results and darkest color, leave Henna on from 1 to 3 hours. Color will vary by skin type and increase over time.

We at Violet and Company like to apply using rolled parchment paper, fashioned into a cone shape (like in cake decorating). We also mix the Henna with cranberry juice for richer color, but to each her own, so experiment. The 50 grams of henna are enough for several applications of the stencil or several designs using the cone.

It is very important to follow the directions for mixing and using this henna. Let the henna sit, for two hours before use as directed. If you are going to use the stencil, the paste must be thicker than it would be for using the cone. The cone provided in the package is a very fine tipped cone and the consistency of the henna must be thinner. A good rule of thumb is to put less water into the henna at first and then add little by little until you get the correct consistency. If you watch the videos, you will see the consistency in the video. You will also see the fine tip on the Henna bag. I like the way that one of the women uses a rubber band to keep the top of the bag closed. I thought that was very helpful-and it was also helpful she didn't fill the bag over half way full. Like most things, you get out of the art of Henna what you put into it, and you won't be an expert right away, so choose a simple design and repeat it on the hand for a more complex looking tattoo (see first video).