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Kyara Taikan - Premium Aloeswood incense 45 sticks

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This amazing gift box for Kyara Taikan, premium aloeswood incense comes with 45 short sticks of incense and a small ceramic burner. The box is made of wood and covered in rich fabric. It is imprinted on the front in Japanese characters with a small closure to keep the box closed.
The aloeswood is premium quality. It bears, not just the normal earthy qualities of Aloeswood, but has high notes of sweet florals. It is a treat. This is not everyday incense, but the incense for special occasions. Each stick burns approximately 13 minutes. It is the perfect gift to pamper yourself or someone you love.


From the manufacturer: How to use Incense-Light the tip of the incense stick, then blow out the flame to produce the delicate wisp of smoke.  Place it in the burner, and your room will quickly become filled with a special fragrance.


Caution: Please avoid drafty areas such as open windows, doors, etc. so that the ashes will not be scattered.  Keep incense out of reach of children or pets.  Place the burner on a tray to be sure that the ashes will not get on the floor or furniture.