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Meena Supreme Special Fluxo Incense 20 grams

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***Violet and Company is seeking some Meena Supreme from India, but as of 03/20/16, it is out of stock for us here in the USA***

Meena Supreme, created by Meena Perfumery and Industries, Banglore, India. This incense, according to the manufacturer, is "an enchanting perfume prepared from purely Indian odiferous resins, gums and natural essential oils..." This incense is floral and also has a typical Indian scent of mixed spices and camphor (camphor is the "rubber" scent you will smell in this incense, kind of like with Laxmi Dhoop, if you know what that smells like). We love this incense, there is nothing like it.

  • Meena Supreme Special Fluxo
  • 20 grams of incense
  • Thick, hearty incense
  • If you like camphor, this incense is for you