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Sandal Flora 15 gram

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Sandal Flora, like many Flora incense sticks, is said to inspire happiness. This has a great sandalwood scent, classic and woody. The scent of these incense sticks is unique and lush. Please be aware that it is a "natural" type incense, so it is made with plants, resins and powders, and it smokes a little more than others. This comes in 15 grams of incense, a half case: (6) 15g packs, and a full case: (12) 15g packs.

  • Treasures from the Evergreen Forest
  • Halmaddi
  • Essential Oils
  • Perfumes

From Sree Gajanana Perfumery Works: "A Blend of Evergreen Forest's gifts, Halmaddi (Also called Ailanthus Malabarica Resin) and essential oils giving out sweet and pleasant Aroma."