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Shanthimalai Red Nag Champa 40 gram long stick

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40 g box of Red Nag Champa made by Shanthimalai-extra long sticks! This incense is sweet like Satya Nag Champa but has a little bite caused by the Red Sandalwood that is used in the manufacture. It is handcrafted using the finest ingredients. It is rich and smooth with a long lasting aroma. The manufacturer, Shanthimalai Trust, is special in that it teaches people how to use their cottage industry to earn fair wages while creating exquisite products.

  • Created by Shanthimalai Trust
  • Cottage Industry in India
  • Natural Masala, handrolled incense
  • Red=Red Sandalwood which is slightly more bitter and sharp smelling than yellow sandalwood
  • Long Stick