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Soapstone Bowl 4 inch diameter

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This soapstone bowl is great for burning sage or other herbs, woods or resins. It comes in beautiful colors, which vary due to the nature of the piece. In order to burn resin, or any other incense product that requires a charcoal tablet to burn in this bowl, it will need to be filled with sand or rocks, which will support the charcoal tablet and create a safe burn environment. Comes with free mini sage.

At Violet and Company, we have filled our soapstone bowl with beach pebbles and we burn incense sticks and cones in this piece. We love it.

A wonderful customer educated us about the differences between soapstone from India and soapstone from the USA. Please keep in mind that this bowl is made in India. It will have various shades in it, varying from browns to black depending on the soapstone used and the area manufactured. If you are buying this bowl for Native American traditional medicine, understand that it may not be what you need for your medicine. If you are looking for a great bowl to hold your sage or incense sticks, this will work just fine.