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Tibetan Bdellium (Gokul-Resin) Incense by Mandala Arts & Incense

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Tibetan Bdellium (Gokul-Resin) Incense from Mandala Art and Incense Nepal comes 30 sticks per pack and they are packed in a handmade paper tube. There is also an incense burner included in the package. Bdellium is also known as Guggul in Sanskrit, is obtained by taking resin tears (which ressemble myrrh) from a tree. Records exist of Bdellium being prescribed by ancient physicians. It is mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible and known in Hebrew as Bedolach. According to the manufacturer, "Bdellium is mainly called "Guggulu" in Sanskrit and has wide use of medicinal properties. Guggulu was burnt to scare off witches or demons. It also helps to eradicate arthritis, rheumatism and neurological disorders."

  • 30 Incense Sticks per package
  • Handmade in Nepal
  • Each incense stick burns for approximately 60 minutes
  • Package comes with small incense burner

"Bdellium is mainly called "Guggulu" in sanskrit and has wide use of properties."