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Tibetan Red Sandalwood Incense by Mandala Arts & Incense

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Tibetan REd Sandalwood Incense from Mandala Art and Incense Nepal comes 30 sticks per pack and each incense stick burns for approximately 60 minutes. The incense sticks are packed in a handmade paper tube. There is also an incense burner included in the package. Red Sandalwood is a bitter or sharp scent. It is pleasant, as sandalwood is, but there is not the sugary, sweetness that sometimes comes with yellow sandalwood.

  • 30 Incense Sticks per package
  • Handmade in Nepal
  • Each incense stick burns for approximately 60 minutes
  • Package comes with small incense burner

"Red Sandalwood - Heartwood is bitter, sweet, acrid , cooling aroma."